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Our expert consultants will assist you in identifying potential security issues, and propose risk management solutions that work for you. Our staff is comprised of law enforcement personnel that are trained and certified investigators. We know how to specify, install, and service security systems that protect your business from internal and external threats. We can work with you to address a specific problem area, or deploy a holistic security solution that includes cameras, access control, intrusion detection, and monitoring (on and offsite). Our highly qualified professionals are highly devoted to enhancing security for companies. We help to safeguard your employees and your assets. We provide the experience, professionalism, training and technology needed to insure your protection when you need it most. Our corporate security officers will always display a neat and professional appearance that’s suitable to your business environment, and our executive protection professionals are also available to protect you and your family outside the confines of your facility.

Access Control Systems

Access control is the ability to manage who can gain entry into a private establishment or restricted area, and is one of the easiest ways to protect people and their assets. Managed, monitored access is a key part of corporate security, and it can also be important for family homes. Our supplied Security’s equipment is designed to control internal access, prevent unauthorized entry, and monitor visitor traffic. Whether it be for your own personal residence or a large facility, access control is reliable and user friendly. We has everything from key FOB access to bio-metric door locks. Let us take some worry out of your day to day lives.

FOB Entry Devices

This security system can allow multiple doors in your facility to be unlocked using a small plastic device that you place on your key ring, wear on a belt, or clip to a car visor. This system can also be used to quickly to arm and disarm your security system directly from the palm of you hand. Some devices are equipped with with a panic signal that will alert authorities in the event of an emergency.

Biometric Door Lock Systems

Biometric Door Lock Systems use the fingerprint of an employee or family member to unlock doors or restricted areas in your home or at a job site. These security systems help to ensure that only pre-authorized persons obtain access to highly sensitive areas of a business or residence. Simply put, if you are not authorized to be in a specified area, you will NOT gain access. With this type of access control there is no more lost, stolen or replicated keys. The duplication of biometric fingerprint technology is virtually impossible, which makes it one of the most reliable forms of access into a secured area.

Biometric Time Clock System

Biometric Time Clocks allow your facility to manage clock in’s and clock-out’s of your employees, by using their specific fingerprints. This is a fail safe system that cannot be beat. There will be no more clocking in for a friend or leaving early and having a co-worker clock you out. This system is also attached to your company’s computer system, which provides you with a recorded log of all activities.

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