IT Infrastructure and Hardware Services

You need to have a safe and sound IT Infrastructure to support all your software related requirements. With heavy Operating systems and big software packages, your machines need to be up to date and perform faster. Proper maintenance and upgrades of your computer hardware is essential from time to time.

With increasing needs for more IT Infrastructure, interconnectivity has become essential for business houses. We offer the following services to assist you for all your Networking needs :

  • Servers, Workstations, Gateways, Switches, Routers, Modems, NACs, Interface & Modules etc.
  • Windows, Novell, Linux and UNIX OS installation and support
  • Online Shopping carts & E-Commerce Solutions
  • LAN/WAN connectivity, network cabling & certification
  • Application networking services
  • Network Management
  • Storage networking like SAN, NAS etc.
  • Voice & IP communication
  • Wireless connectivity
  • File server, proxy server, mail server, database server, cluster server etc. installation & support
  • AMC’s (Annual Maintenance Contract)
  • Sales & Service for Laptop, Desktop, Printers, Monitor and Many More.
  • Data Recovery
  • Network Security Solutions (Firewall and Antivirus)
  • Wireless Networking for Long Distance
  • IP Cameras, CCTV, DVR Cards and Alarms
  • Peripherals for Servers and Workstations
  • Setup of IT Infrastructure Development.
  • Internet and Intranet Solutions.
  • Backup Software's and Storage Hardware
  • Onsite services and repair

  • Facility Management and Customer Care Services

  • More than 95 % uptime of the systems (Avg.)
  • Support Response Time: Max. 2-4 Hr from the logging of the call
  • Clear focus to handover of “Quality with Efficiency”.
  • Ensures 24 x 7 supports to our customers on every call.


  • Provide consultation & technology based solutions supporting the growth, expansion and best Business practice for the organization.
  • Manage the purchasing of all software, hardware and other IT supplies
  • Oversees and directs software application implementation
  • Initiate and implement improvements in all other areas of IT responsibility
  • Responds/acts on upper-management direction.
  • Make sure the IT practice meet the audit requirement.


    • IT Infrastructure – SidLink will do a survey of all the hardware and make a MAC report . Our In-House IT staff will take in charge of the current system and will ensure all repair or replacement of the different parts has been done ( if any problem ever occurred) , client need to bear the cost invoice will be provided
    • Operating system installation and configuration- Our In- House staff will be in charge of this process and we have a procedure – if any problem occurs in any PC the User needs to fill up a Call Log form once the job has been accomplished . Note the Sever Operating system will be WIN 2003/2008 NT English version then the rest of the PCs can be Chinese or English no problem.
    • Networks – Sidlink (Our In- House staff ) will be in charge of the total network to ensure it is up and running 24X7 .
    • Security - Client need to provide us the list of all approved software's they want to run in work station pcs. Once any Employee join or leave he need to fill the IMAC form . Need Firewall for the server , Need Antivirus for the server & PC and also need to confirm the server access level for different folders. Our staff will do quarterly survey to ensure no junk software been use apart from the approved list
    • Redundancy and disaster recovery – SidLink has in place a standard procedure for the Redundancy and disaster recovery. If the Server is Down, Broken or Virus effected, we will attain within 24 hrs after receiving the Log . Depending on the requirement we have dummy server plan which ensures the system never goes down. We provide Data backup facilities not only in client


    We have premium partners for most of computer hardware and peripheral device companies and can suggest the right hardware configurations according to your business and software requirements and help you get the desired hardware at very competitive prices.

    You can pick the one right for you:

    Consultation for New Computer Systems & Peripherals (Call for Free 1 hour consultation with our Engineer).

    Computer Upgrades Annual Maintenance Contracts (Get a quote email: )