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It's an online Food recommendation and delivery system. It work's as a social Networking tool for food lovers and enables customers to quickly & easily order food over mobile phone as well as computer.

Orderliv is not just an online restaurant guide which brings millions of customers and restaurant business together. What makes us better is that we have all the information needed for a customer to decide their next place to eat-out or order in from - with menus, photos, maps, reviews, contact information and restaurant features . At the same time it acts as a platform for restaurants to increase their visibility and create a brand name for themselves. Restaurants / Shops can also collect feedback from users in the form of reviews and comments.

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Our food journey began in 2003 with our unique product mint ketchup in Kolkata, India. Our secret is in precise combination of Indian herbs, common and unusual regional dry spices that are combined into a fresh masala (not preserved) - a distant relative of our products.If you've been looking for ways of creating authentic healthy Indian Cuisine and curries then you've find the right place.

Axis's masala cooking is simple and convenient way of making best tasty curries. It’s all made simple with professionally bended compact fresh Indian herbs and highest quality whole ground authentic spices.


Goal of ERP LAB is to facilitate the flow of information so business decisions can be data-driven. ERP software suites are built to collect and organize data from various levels of an organization to provide management with insight into key performance indicators (KPIs) in real.

Use the right tool and process to stay ahead in Business , as it will increase efficiency and ability to increase information consistency and accuracy.

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