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Transforming lives

Education is fundamental to development, growth and discovery and should be available and accessible to everyone.

The SidLink’s US consulting team is passionate about transforming the learning experience of all students whatever their age, background or ability. We work across all phases of the educational spectrum from nursery, through primary and secondary school and on into Post-16, higher and further education. Our project managers provide the framework and structure to deliver capital projects and establish new schools or Academies in the most effective way.


  • Performance evaluation
  • Whole school improvement strategies
  • Leadership training and development
  • Innovation and best practice

School improvement

We work in partnership with headteachers, school staff, governors and all those involved in education to raise standards and improve learner outcomes. We work both with individual schools and as part of wider local authority, providing school improvement support based on enhanced subject performance and leadership and management training.

Personalised learning

Our team has wide ranging experinece of implementing innovative personalised learning approaches that focus on tailoring teaching, learning and pastoral care to the needs of the individual student. We have helped staff to become highly effective personal tutors and mentors, collaborating with students to set challenging personal targets, intervening and supporting them to keep their learning on track and rigorously assessing progress. Our ICT strategiests have also helped a wide range of Academies to establish elearning plans for students.

Curriculum development

Our educationalists regularly work with headteachers and senior leadership teams to remodel the curriculum to reflect personalised learning and new pedagogic approaches. They lead on visioning and planning for 14-19 provision and partnerships with other schools, colleges and training providers. We are also able to provide effective timetabling advice.

School self evaluation and inspection

Rigorous self-evaluation is essential for well managed and effective school improvement. It enables head teachers to be more confident in the identification of priorities and targets for improvement. It also provides a baseline from which progress can be measured. Schools are required to complete and maintain an online self-evaluation form identifying their own strengths and weaknesses and the action being taken as a result.

Leadership training

Sidlink has developed a highly acclaimed series of focused training programmes in USA for school leadership teams. For example, the HeadLine training programme helps school leaders to become highly effective resident inspectors of their school resulting in significantly improved outcomes for children and young people.


Support for local authorities with

  • Pupil place planning
  • School reorganisation
  • Asset strategies
  • Capital works planning
  • Stakeholder consultation

Support for schools with

  • Native English Teachers
  • Education visioning
  • Education design briefs
  • Project and construction management

Support for design and construction consortia

  • Education design briefs
  • School engagement


  • Project support for start up
  • Management of legal processes
  • School organisation and planning
  • Curriculum development
  • HR and recruitment
  • Governance
  • Marketing your school

Our team also works as educational advisors to design and construction consortia. This involves becoming active members of the design teams, working closely with architects, and liaising with construction and facilities management teams to develop successful solutions to re-modelling and new school building initiatives. Our consultants provide a valuable interface between the contractor, local education authorities and schools – helping to translate requirements into successful design solutions in all phases of education, including special educational needs. Our approach ensures that we design for flexibility, adaptability, inclusion and personalised learning.

Our practical knowledge of what makes an effective education environment ensures that building specifications meet the needs of children across all age ranges, and make transformational education an integral part of community regeneration.

  • HR (Human Resource)
  • Finance
  • School improvement
  • Training and development
  • Facilities and maintenance
  • Energy and waste management
  • Governor/Trustee Support/Clerking
  • Communications/PR/ Marketing
  • Project management of capital works

One of the key strengths of our Education team is its combination of education and learning professionals with experts in construction, information & communication technology (ICT), human resources, communication and project management. These complementary skills enable us to deliver programmes of work or new facilities that can transform educational environments and learning.

Our educationalists are from US & UK and are highly competent, flexible, enthusiastic and knowledgeable people who have worked in schools as teachers and head teachers, in local authorities as advisers, inspectors and as Chief Education Officers.

image In this free market economy have you considered the financial and service benefits of buying-in private services for operational support services like Finance, HR, Premises Management, ICT and legal ?

Moving away from the security of the local authority may seem like a daunting prospect but thousands of independent schools and businesses across the country operate successful in this way demanding best value and outstanding service from their suppliers.

Sidlink provides access to world class services, specifically tailored to the needs of schools and the students and staff who use them.

Our range of services includes:

HR Consultancy

  • Native English Teachers
  • Employee relations management
  • Policies, procedures and staff handbooks
  • Individual and team development
  • Recruitment and selection
  • TUPE and contract changes

Finance - budgeting, accounting, payroll

  • Ensuring that your school has in place the correct policies and procedures to comply with compliance requirements for reporting and accountability
  • Partnerships with school financial software suppliers to manage all aspects of accounting payroll and budgeting
  • Bursarial support if a full-time finance manager is Unsustainable
  • Clerk to the Governing Body

Facilities and Asset Management

  • Survey and due diligence on buildings/facilities
  • Survey and due diligence on buildings/facilities
  • Review of current facilities management operations and resources with a view to improving and streamlining service provision
  • Restructuring of FM resources/service contracts
  • Health and Safety compliance

Energy and Waste Management

  • Audit to identify cost of energy; school’s environmental impact; benchmarking performance against other schools
  • Implementation of estate improvements to reduce energy and water consumption, polluntants
  • Environmental awareness training and engagement programmes
  • Compliance audit for Environmental Information Regulations


  • System upgrade or replacement
  • Management of service portfolio – improved procurement: outsourcing arrangements, service level agreements, supplier management
  • ncident and problem management – service desk System security, data storage and management
  • Business continuity planning

Marketing, Branding and PR

  • Branding
  • Recruitment adverts
  • Prospectus, Newsletters
  • Consultation
  • Media Relations